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Splatmoji – easier quick pop-up emoji/emoticon input on Linux

I previously posted about an emoji-input method using iBus that required jumping through some hoops and ultimately wasn’t a very pretty UX.

But now I’ve rolled my own, and added japanese emoticons/kaomoji as a bonus! I’ve titled it Splatmoji, with respect to its wildcard nature for emotive text input.

Quick start:

Some suggestions for customizing its configuration, binding it to a key combo in your window manager, using your own emoticon sets, and other bits are in the README.

splatmoji animated usage example



I made a thing: Memeseeks! (Rick & Morty memes and gifs) [UPDATED]

<edit> A couple of days after this release, the people behind Frinkiac released their own site that does the same thing as Memeseeks, but with a nicer UI. (︶︹︺)

I’m a bit sad that I completed a thing and then saw it made obsolete two days later, but at least I probably learned a few things along the way. So I’ve retired Memeseeks, though I hope to modularize all of its functionality and release the code at some point.</edit>

Just in time for the new season of Rick & Morty (as well as our own episode on the matter), we just released this thing we’ve been working on:

The Memeseeks Box

Meeseeks Christopher and Colbert

The Memeseeks Box

It’s a Rick & Morty memer and giffer (pronounced like the peanut butter ?). We’ve been saying at Decipher Scifi that we were working on a few things behind the scenes, and this was one of them. I’m glad to finally have it out there. 🙂

So meme away, and I hope you like it, and make sure you’re subscribed to the podcast for our Rick & Morty episode in a few days!

<edit from the future> here is our Rick and Morty episode!</future>

I may post some codey things about it here in the future.